What Are Veterans Saying About Alpha Lima Charlie?

We could tell you how good Alpha Lima Charlie is, but we would rather you read what other veterans are saying about it.

Don't just take our word for it, but take theirs.


Chris J., Florida (USAF veteran)

The Reason I joined ALC was to help get out of this rut I'd fallen into - no motivation to do anything, from work to self care.  It started with the death of my dad and then a divorce shortly after.  So far the results I've gotten have been unbelievable, and I mean that literally.  I wouldn't have believed a few conversations and some videos would do anything - I've been paying for therapy for years and it's left me very much aware of what I'm going through, and even why, but with no tools to move forward.  That's what ALC is for me, a toolbox, and I'm not just discussing my problems for $75/hr [therapy bill], I'm learning to use these tools to fix my problems.  Read more...

Josh S., Indiana (USN veteran)

Since working with Scott, I'm able to cope a lot better with the minor things.  If I'm having a bad day, I'm not taking it out on everybody else.  I center my focus more on what the problem is and start to work on a solution for it, rather than just trying to blame others and take it out on them.  The solution may be as simple as just letting it roll off my shoulders, or someting deeper where I'm navigating through it for a couple months.  But Scott has shown me happiness can be achieved.  The results may not happen today, but they will happen

Mallory S., Indiana (Wife of USN veteran)

My favorite part of working with Scott is dealing with a "real" individual. Scott is honest, direct, and helpful because he understands. His own challenges make him a "native" in the city of personal growth...not a "tourist."  Scott understands the military context because he's lived it. He links his coaching training with his military experience to help veterans find practical and realistic solutions to problems that military members (and their families) can enact easily.

Jim M., Missouri (USA veteran)

After working with Scott for over a year, I am certainly not feeling the level of stagnation and lack of growth both personally and professionally that I was prior. The growth I have experienced has been infectious… just ask my team. As a Veteran myself, I find Scott’s no nonsense approach to a problem refreshing. The direction is clear, concise and spot on.  As a veteran myself, I find  Scott's no-nonsense approach to a problem refreshing.  The direction is clear, concise, and spot on.  Only you can pick yourself up by your own bootstraps, but having a great coach can help ease the burden and make the lifting more bearable.

Norm R. Indiana (USAF Veteran)

Regardless what any veteran or any person may think. We all need help from time to time. And a coach to assist in the guidance and healing of the current timeframe of life for that veteran benefits the livelihood of the veteran. Scott has a gift to assist and coach others and especially veterans going through tough times.

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