The workout of his life: Scott Leeper fights adversity with his passion

by Miles Garrett Sunday, March 22, 2020

Going to the gym can often relieve stress and provide an outlet for athletes to work on themselves.

The corona virus outbreak has caused many gyms to temporarily close down. But before that, when things were normal….a man named Scott Leeper used it to change the trajectory of his life.

Often times, people work out to get in shape. To clear their minds. To fight demons inside.

Scott Leeper has faced adversity in his life on the road to now becoming a life coach and competitive bodybuilder.

“I always thought the challenges I was going throuigh were happening to me, not happening for me,” said Leeper.

Nearly 20 years ago, Leeper joined the Marine Corps. He was getting ready to face the physical battlefield abroad, but inside Scott was facing the toughest battle of his life.

“Outside looking in, you’d think we were living the dream, living in a nice house, got nice vehicles,” said Leeper. “We had to come home because my dad was in ICU because he was dying from an addiction to alcohol and so long story short I had to take him off life support and watch him take his last breath because of an alcohol addiction.”

That moment started a chain reaction of being kicked out of the Marines, losing job after job, and facing personal struggles with his wife. It was a turning point that Leeper suddenly saw a light to push his way out.

“I told her I said I think I’m gonna compete and she looked at me like I had a second forehead growing. She’s like ‘bodybuilding…yeah right,'” said Leeper.

She didn’t doubt him long, soon his wife Ashley competed with him. Now, they’re taking on life together one rep at a time.

“Doing this together, living a healthy happy life, having a son watch us do this together it just creates an atmosphere where he wants to do the same,” said Ashley Leeper.

“Knowing I have something to work towards created that fire. If I had just worked out in a gym, I might not have done anything and 2-3 months later been right back to sitting on the couch with a beer in my hand,” said Leeper.

Scott Leeper had been broken down. Years of failing forward have pushed him to take back control of his mind and body.

Working out is now his metaphor for getting it back.

“A lot of people think. you go to the gym to lift weights to build muscle. Actually that’s not accurate, you go to the gym lift weights, break muscle down,” said Leeper. “If you can pick yourself back up brush yourself back off, take the next step go try the next thing even if it doesn’t make sense, you might end up finding your stride.”

Leeper authored the book Drowning in Addiction and is an inspirational speaker and life coach.

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